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TMF Center is a technology-based manufacturing company based in rural, west-central Indiana.  Founded in 1977 in Illinois, TMF moved to Williamsport, Indiana in 1994 due to the more favorable business climate in Indiana.  Since moving to Indiana, TMF Center has grown from annual sales of $5 million to over $50 million.  As a family-owned business TMF Center strives to contribute to the local economy with over 225 employees today. 

TMF Center produces component parts for manufacturers of off-highway construction equipment, the mining industry, and heavy duty trucking.  TMF’s customers demand world-class processes and systems to support those products. They also require pricing that will compete on a global scale.  In order to meet their needs, TMF must have the right equipment and the best staffing operating in a favorable business climate within the community. 

TMF produces components made from steel bar, steel plate and castings.  The process includes CNC machining (over 100 machines), robotic welding, welding, powder coat painting, grinding, heat treatment, sawing and forming.  TMF Center has a second plant that specializes in high volume component manufacturing.

Our strategy to compete globally is based on the implementation of advanced technology and manufacturing methods in a business-friendly community.  Our local community has people available with good work skills, and personal character to help a business succeed.

Address: 300 W. Washington Street

              Williamsport, IN 47993

Phone:    765-762-1000

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